The Washoe Theatre

Our Movies Run Friday thru Thursday

The Washoe Theatre has been open for 85 years and still going strong. But before the Washoe Theatre was built there was the Margret Theatre. The Margret Theatre was built in 1897 and named after Marcus Daly's wife. It was sold in 1926 and then re-molded in 1929 as the Sundial Theatre. The Sundial Theatre was destroyed by a fire that same year. The Washoe Theatre was built in 1931 but didn't open tell September 24, 1936 due to the Depression. The Washoe Theatre was the last theatre to be built in the Art Deco style. The Washoe Theatre is owned by the Washoe Amusement Company. The Washoe Amusement Company owned the Washoe and the Center Theatres. The Washoe updated the 35mm film projector to a digital one in 2013 which included 3D movies.


Washoe Theatre, 305 Main St, Anaconda, MT 59711 406-563-6161